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Looking for the best casino online Keno games?

Keno is a very popular casino favourite, particularly among lottery players and gamblers with a love for games involving numbers! Despite what many skeptics believe, there is certainly an art to choosing numbers in Keno, and there are astronomical amounts to be taken home if you pick the right ones!

Why play Keno?

Keno originated in China and is thought to have dated back to as late as the Hun Dynasty era. It’s very similar to playing bingo, only it allows you to play with your OWN numbers, this puts it near the top as one of the easiest ways to gamble, simply because there is hardly any logic or skillful thinking involved. In order to win the jackpot (which is usually progressive) players need to match 15 of their own numbers to the ones which the house draw. You can still win money matching less numbers, but these amounts can vary greatly.

Slots Garden Welcome Bonus

At Slots Garden Online Casino, there’s always amazing bonuses and incentives to lap up, such as a 100% Match Bonus just for signing up alone. Even better news – if you deposit $50, you’ll even get an additional $50 to toy with, enabling you to start playing for those much-coveted jackpots immediately!

Additional bonuses

Slots Garden are forever offering the most fruitful incentives to existing customers too. These include 100% No Max Bonuses + 10 Free Spins when you use code SLOTSHERO! If you sign up to their VIP program, you’ll get more exclusive deals and discounts for helping you win some big prizes!

How to play Keno

There’s plenty of fun in playing and winning Keno! It’s worth noting in video keno, you have the option to bet on bonus rounds as well as numbers, rows and columns. These can sometimes lead to multipliers, free spins bonus and more.

Here is a short, step-by-step to playing basic video keno.

• Player acquires a Keno card and selects own numbers from 8 rows and 10 columns (each card will specify the exact number of numbers you need are allowed to choose).

• Player selects bet amount on each number i.e. if you want to play 5 games at $1 bets, you will put down $5.

• Player submits card to the machine.

• Gameplay begins, and Keno machine randomly selects 20 balls on the screen using a Random Number Generator (RNG).

• Winnings are paid out according to the bet value on each number, and how many of the player’s numbers are drawn.

Playing for real money

You can play real money Keno in practically all online casinos anywhere, but Slots Garden offers a variety of different Keno games, that can be played day or night. Video Keno can also be played at your own pace unlike if you were to play it in a live environment. Not only that but the pay outs tend to be faster AND better (over 100% in some cases), so be sure to keep a watchful eye on those games which include those fabulous progressive jackpots, as these are the ones which will you can play for the real, hard cash!

How bets are paid out

In Keno, you can bet on full columns and rows as well as numbers. These sorts of combinations can increase your winning potential drastically, because of the low probability of achieving a full strip. All winnings are paid out according to the results the machine produces and the player bets.

Keno tips

Our best advice for playing Keno is to one with a progressive jackpot, and that offers bonus features. Because the results are always produced at random, the odds are no different than a standard game. It’s also worth shopping around for the best pay outs, as each casino can vary!

Keno basic glossary

All or Nothing – A keno ticket which only pay if you either hit all the numbers you selected, or if none of the numbers selected get picked.

Combination Way Ticket – A ticket which has bets several different ways.

Draw Sheet – Summary of the numbers drawn in the previous drawing.

Drawing – Drawing of 20 random winning numbers out of a possible 80 numbers.

High End Ticket – Ticket which pays more for more numbers, but less for low numbers.

King – Single circled number. Used with other number to make a bet.

Multi-Game Ticket – Can be used on more than one drawing.

Progressive Jackpot – Type of keno where top prize increases with each drawing where that prize isn’t won.

Quick Pick – Tickets chosen by computer instead of player.

Way – Ticket with more than one wager.

Way Ticket – Ticket with more than one bet.

Winning Numbers – The 20 drawn, out of 80 potential numbers.